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Child With Mother III

Product number: N10912
Product information "Child With Mother III"
A mother is the female parent of a person. Motherhood includes biological, legal and social aspects. A good mother takes care of her children and herself and gives them a role model that helps them grow and develop.

An infant or baby is a child in the first year of life. After birth, a young human is naturally nourished with mother's milk, through breastfeeding or suckling at the female breast. Similar to the offspring of other mammals, the human infant is competent for this form of feeding through innate reflexes such as the search reflex and the sucking reflex. They also enable the intake of liquid food by sucking on a baby bottle and thus feeding with breast milk substitute when the infant is not breastfed.

The human infant, like that of other primates, is a gestational carrier. In the first year of life, there are typical developmental phases, the temporal dispersion of which increases with age. Temporary differences in development are common and can be compensated for. After three to five months, a healthy infant has doubled its birth weight and grown by about 15 centimetres. At the end of the first year of life, the child weighs about ten kilograms, which corresponds to about three times its birth weight, and is about 75 centimetres tall.

Product Number: N10912
Product Name: baby-XV

This design comes with the following sizes:
Size: 2.98"(w) X 2.72"(h) (75.8mm X 69.2mm)
Size: 4.24"(w) X 3.88"(h) (107.8mm X 98.6mm)
Size: 4.48"(w) X 4.09"(h) (113.8mm X 104.0mm)
Size: 5.03"(w) X 4.60"(h) (127.8mm X 116.8mm)
Size: 5.58"(w) X 5.10"(h) (141.8mm X 129.6mm)
Size: 5.90"(w) X 5.39"(h) (149.8mm X 137.0mm)
Size: 5.94"(w) X 5.43"(h) (150.8mm X 137.8mm)
Size: 6.06"(w) X 5.54"(h) (153.8mm X 140.6mm)
Size: 6.09"(w) X 5.57"(h) (154.8mm X 141.4mm)
Size: 6.45"(w) X 5.90"(h) (163.8mm X 149.8mm)
Size: 6.49"(w) X 5.93"(h) (164.8mm X 150.6mm)
Size: 6.61"(w) X 6.04"(h) (167.8mm X 153.4mm)
Size: 6.65"(w) X 6.07"(h) (168.8mm X 154.2mm)
Size: 7.12"(w) X 6.50"(h) (180.8mm X 165.2mm)
Size: 7.24"(w) X 6.61"(h) (183.8mm X 168.0mm)
Size: 7.67"(w) X 7.01"(h) (194.8mm X 178.0mm)
Size: 7.83"(w) X 7.16"(h) (198.8mm X 181.8mm)
Size: 7.87"(w) X 7.19"(h) (199.8mm X 182.6mm)
Size: 8.06"(w) X 7.37"(h) (204.8mm X 187.2mm)
Size: 8.42"(w) X 7.69"(h) (213.8mm X 195.4mm)
Size: 8.54"(w) X 7.80"(h) (216.8mm X 198.2mm)
Size: 9.20"(w) X 8.42"(h) (233.8mm X 213.8mm)
Size: 9.68"(w) X 8.84"(h) (245.8mm X 224.6mm)
Size: 10.03"(w) X 9.17"(h) (254.8mm X 233.0mm)
Size: 10.94"(w) X 10.00"(h) (277.8mm X 254.0mm)
Size: 11.92"(w) X 10.90"(h) (302.8mm X 276.8mm)
Size: 12.98"(w) X 11.87"(h) (329.8mm X 301.4mm)
Size: 13.77"(w) X 12.59"(h) (349.8mm X 319.8mm)
Size: 14.17"(w) X 12.94"(h) (359.8mm X 328.8mm)

The following formats are included in the file you will receive: .DST .EXP .JEF .PES .VP3 .XXX .PEC .U01

You MUST have an embroidery machine and the software needed to transfer it from your computer to the machine to use this file. This listing is for the machine file only - not a finished item.

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