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Winter Sports

In German-speaking countries, winter sports are sports that are symbolic of winter because they are practiced on snow and ice. In the past, these took place only in winter because of the seasonal dependency, but nowadays they are possible at any time of the year and in all climatic regions thanks to ice and ski halls. In other cultures, such as North America, however, winter sports are those that are usually practiced indoors and in artificial light during the winter.

Winter sports include, first of all, the traditional sports on skis, on the sled and on runners. With these aids the locomotion on snow and ice became possible. Gradually, sporting competitions emerged, often based on the landscape and cultural conditions.

The locomotion on skis differs considerably in flat or mountainous environments. Likewise, there are significant differences in sleds, depending on whether they were pulled by dogs or horses, or whether they were companions primarily for downhill skiing. The use of runners under boots or carts to glide on ice is more rooted in the lowlands.