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In information technology, a font is generally defined as any set of typefaces digitally present on a computer or connected peripherals. Depending on the intended representation, a font can be either in a raster-oriented format as a bitmap or as a freely scalable vector font. Fonts are auxiliary components of information and communication technologies.

Technically, a font is the raster font-specific or vector font-specific "image and instruction information" of a font set stored in digital form. Whereas in classical printing technology, the typesetting fonts stored in font sets with different graphic designs were stored in typesetting boxes in the form of sets of metal-cast letters, in the world of electronic data processing - or even more generally in the world of information technology systems - they are stored as fonts in digital data formats. The font thus forms the electronic counterpart to the mechanical type set. It can be used to convert a font table into concretely formed characters of a peripheral device (such as a screen, or printer).