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Team Sports

A team sport is a type of sport in which not single individuals, but groups structured in a certain way, so-called teams, compete against each other. This type of sport is also called a team game, which differs from a party game mainly in its greater differentiation.

It usually involves complex sports (often ball sports), in which it is not just a simple trial of strength in the sense of faster, higher, further. In contrast to individual sports, teamwork and tactics are crucial to success in team sports. The team's togetherness is usually achieved during the competition/game through uniform clothing (especially the color of the jerseys), while the individual players are distinguished by their shirt numbers and names. The visual recognizability was especially important before the time of video screens and cubes, because either the playing field is very large for the spectator, e.g. in soccer, or the speed of the game, such as in ice hockey.

Teams are usually organized into leagues to compete for championships.

In addition, there are sports that are considered more as individual sports, but in which people often perform as a team and/or in which there are doubles matches as a variant in which two players compete against two others. Well-known examples with doubles and teams are tennis, badminton and table soccer.