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Bird Parrot Sketch Art

Product number: CS00738
Product information "Bird Parrot Sketch Art"
In the systematics of birds, parrots correspond to the order Psittaciformes (parrots). The systematics of parrots is undergoing major changes due to new phylogenetic studies. Traditionally, however, parrots are divided into two families, namely the cockatoos and the parrots proper. Common to all parrots is the upright posture and the strong beak. They feed on seeds, berries, fruits, flowers and buds as well as roots. Many species also eat insects and their larvae. Some species occur in large swarms.

Birds are - according to traditional taxonomy - a class of vertebrates whose representatives have as common features, among others, wings, a body covering consisting of feathers and a beak. Birds live on all continents. To date, over 10,758 extant recent bird species are known, with an additional 158 species extinct in historical times. Using the more modern phylogenetic species concept, we arrive at about 18,000 (15,845 to 20,470) bird species, and genetic data also suggest a roughly doubled number of bird species. The science of birds is ornithology.

Birds, like all terrestrial vertebrates (Tetrapoda), have two pairs of extremities, the front ones of which are transformed into wings in birds. The plumage essentially determines the external overall appearance of birds: the body is covered with feathers. These structures made of keratin serve as a wing and control surface when flying, an aerodynamically favorable covering of the body and as insulation, which can even be changed, usually depending on temperature and wind.

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Product Name: large-parrot-sketch
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