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Product number: N07446
Product information "Skiing "
In skiing (in Austria often also written skiing) or skiing (Schilaufen), a skier glides over the snow on two skis on a ski slope or in open terrain. If the term skiing is usually used to define the broad sport variant, the competitive sport has the designation "Alpine skiing". Skiing as an overall concept of winter sports also includes cross-country skiing.  The Norwegian landscape of Telemark is generally considered to be the region of origin of skiing as a sporting activity.

Less well known is that as early as the 17th century there were reports of peasants in Carniola completing daring descents and even a kind of slalom on skis, also known as "Krainer Farmer skiing." Slavic immigrants brought skis to Slovenia from northeastern Russia in the 17th century. Krainer peasant skiing, however, has little significance for the spread of skiing. The Norwegians were responsible for the massive spread of skiing in Europe and North America. Their technique of moving around in the snow on rudimentary boards gave rise to ski jumping.

In order to make training more efficient, they had to stop quickly after jumps in order to shorten the ascent time. That is why they developed the first directional changes or stop turns. At that time, Telemark and Kristiania turns were to be distinguished. The concave-shaped original ski developed there already had a waist, similar to modern carving skis. The other skiing techniques (cross-country skiing, touring and, in a broader sense, ski jumping) are also derived from this original style of skiing with a binding that is not fixed on the heel side.

Product Number: N07446
Product Name: SkiSport

This design comes with the following sizes:
Size: 7.87"(w) X 5.57"(h) (200.0mm X 141.4mm)
Size: 7.91"(w) X 5.59"(h) (201.0mm X 142.0mm)
Size: 8.28"(w) X 5.85"(h) (210.4mm X 148.6mm)
Size: 8.32"(w) X 5.87"(h) (211.4mm X 149.2mm)
Size: 8.36"(w) X 5.91"(h) (212.4mm X 150.0mm)
Size: 8.58"(w) X 6.06"(h) (218.0mm X 154.0mm)
Size: 8.80"(w) X 6.22"(h) (223.6mm X 158.0mm)
Size: 8.91"(w) X 6.30"(h) (226.4mm X 160.0mm)
Size: 9.13"(w) X 6.46"(h) (232.0mm X 164.0mm)
Size: 9.29"(w) X 6.56"(h) (236.0mm X 166.6mm)
Size: 9.47"(w) X 6.69"(h) (240.6mm X 169.8mm)
Size: 9.84"(w) X 6.95"(h) (250.0mm X 176.6mm)
Size: 10.03"(w) X 7.09"(h) (254.8mm X 180.0mm)
Size: 10.25"(w) X 7.24"(h) (260.4mm X 184.0mm)
Size: 10.32"(w) X 7.29"(h) (262.2mm X 185.2mm)
Size: 10.58"(w) X 7.47"(h) (268.8mm X 189.8mm)
Size: 10.70"(w) X 7.56"(h) (271.8mm X 192.0mm)
Size: 10.85"(w) X 7.66"(h) (275.6mm X 194.6mm)
Size: 11.15"(w) X 7.87"(h) (283.2mm X 199.8mm)
Size: 11.25"(w) X 7.95"(h) (285.8mm X 202.0mm)
Size: 11.47"(w) X 8.11"(h) (291.4mm X 206.0mm)
Size: 11.89"(w) X 8.40"(h) (302.0mm X 213.4mm)
Size: 12.04"(w) X 8.50"(h) (305.8mm X 215.8mm)
Size: 12.26"(w) X 8.65"(h) (311.4mm X 219.8mm)

The following formats are included in the file you will receive: .DST .EXP .JEF .PES .VP3 .XXX .PEC .U01

You MUST have an embroidery machine and the software needed to transfer it from your computer to the machine to use this file. This listing is for the machine file only - not a finished item.

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