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Sir Deer Tote Bag


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Product number: T00030.2
Product information "Sir Deer Tote Bag"
The deer (Cervidae) or antlers are a family of mammals from the order of the cloven-hoofed animals (Artiodactyla). The family includes more than 80 species, of which, among others, the red deer, the fallow deer, the roe deer, the reindeer and the elk are also common in Europe. In addition, deer are found in Asia, North and South America and with one representative in Africa. The most distinctive feature of the deer are the antlers, which vary in shape and are usually only worn by the males, which are shed annually and formed anew. The main food of the animals consists of plants, whereby soft and hard plant parts are consumed in varying degrees. However, pure grazers as in horned deer do not occur in deer, which is related to the formation of the antlers. The social behavior of the animals varies greatly, ranging from solitary individuals to the formation of large, widely roaming herds. The reproductive phase is marked by characteristic dominance fights.

A tote bag is used for the combined transport of smaller goods. For carrying, there are often carrying straps or recesses through which a hand fits. The most common are tote bags made of welded plastic films, the plastic bags. These are predominantly provided with marketing imprints in the form of advertising. In addition, tote bags made of textile fabric or paper are also common, occasionally also net carrier bags. For the transport of heavy goods, bags reinforced with fibres are common.

Tote bags are mostly printed for advertising purposes. For this purpose, the offset or flexo printing process is mainly used for paper carrier bags. Plastic tote bags are printed using the flexographic printing process and tote bags made of cotton are printed using the screen printing process.

PRODUCT: Made To Order Handmade Item



Sir Deer as a Tote Bag in a beautiful format. Sir Deer is a charming, elegant gentleman. The illustration is created in a complex, freehand embroidery process. The bag is made of a very sturdy velour fabric with a soft surface in a leather-like pattern. Inside is Sir Deer lined and has a drawer made of leather to carry for example writing utensils or the like. The practical size of "Sir Deer" allows for example, transporting an iPad Pro 12.9" or MacBook Air 13". Extraordinary, smart and as always from Kekoyu: genuine and unique.

MAGICAL TASK: As king of the forest the deer shows the depth of responsibility, respect and wisdom

MATERIALS: Velour Fabric, Cotton, PES

DIMENSIONS: Total length: about max. 64 cm / Bag without handle: about 27 cm x 36 cm x 3 cm

PLEASE NOTE: The pictures shown functions as an example. The item is made to order a unique specimen handmade. Due to the unique handmade nature, slight deviations can occur and are expressions of and signs for the uniqueness of the item and underline the originality.

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