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Mr Monkey Think For Yourself


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Product number: T00040
Product information "Mr Monkey Think For Yourself"
The monkeys (Anthropoidea, Simiae or Simiiformes), also called "actual monkeys", "true monkeys" or "higher primates", are a primate family group belonging to the dry-nosed primates. Traditionally, they have been contrasted with the "prosimians", but they are more closely related to the tarsier macaques than to the other members of this group. They are divided into the New World monkeys and the Old World monkeys, to which humans also belong. With the exception of the nocturnal monkeys, monkeys are always diurnal. They have developed different ways of locomotion; in addition to bipedal walking (humans) and quadrupedal walking, there is also vertical climbing and jumping and swinging shimmying. The majority of monkey species are predominantly or purely arboreal.

Monkeys have in most cases developed a complex social behaviour, solitary individuals are rare. Some species form large mixed groups, others live in harem groups in which a single male gathers numerous females around him, still others live in long-term monogamous relationships. In groups, a hierarchy often develops that is determined by fighting, age, kinship and other factors. The majority of monkey species are primarily herbivores. Fruits are often the main component of the diet, supplemented by leaves, flowers, tubers, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, tree sap and other plant parts. However, many species are omnivorous, eating both plant and animal food, especially insects, spiders, birds' eggs and small vertebrates.

A tote bag (in Austria: Sackerl) is used for the combined transport of smaller goods. For carrying, there are often carrying straps or recesses through which a hand fits. The most common are tote bags made of welded plastic films, the plastic bags. These are predominantly provided with marketing imprints in the form of advertising. In addition, tote bags made of textile fabric or paper are also common, occasionally also net carrier bags. For the transport of heavy goods, bags reinforced with fibres are common.

Tote bags are mostly printed for advertising purposes. For this purpose, the offset or flexo printing process is mainly used for paper carrier bags. Plastic tote bags are printed using the flexographic printing process and tote bags made of cotton are printed using the screen printing process.

PRODUCT: Made To Order Handmade Item



The monkey reminds that the playfulness and entertainment is useful for the soul. They are a symbol of communication, speed and expressiveness.

This tote bag consists of a stable velours fabric with a soft surface structure. It is padded and lined inside. The textile illustration on the front is embroidered freehand. The motif is a Ape-Monkey. His outfit is characterized by strong color contrasts and and by a meaningful saying. The other special feature of this bag is its very practical format. A playful friend for you and your electronic device and as always of Kekoyu: genuine and unique.

Velour Fabric, Cotton, PES

Total length: about max. 70 cm / Bag without handle: about 29 cm x 40 cm x 3 cm

The pictures shown functions as an example. The item is made to order a unique specimen handmade. Due to the unique handmade nature, slight deviations can occur and are expressions of and signs for the uniqueness of the item and underline the originality.

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