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Infinity Sign

Product number: N05876
Product information "Infinity Sign "
The infinity sign ( ∞ {\displaystyle \infty } \infty or ∞) is a mathematical sign used to symbolize infinity. It resembles a horizontal figure eight. In its meaning as an infinite number, it was introduced in 1655 by the English mathematician John Wallis. Depending on the font, the two loops are the same size, or the left one is smaller.

In modern mathematics, the infinity sign is used primarily to describe limit values in sequences and series. As a symbol, it is also used with a figurative meaning outside of mathematics. The mathematician John Wallis is considered one of the pioneers of the infinitesimal calculus. In his work he further developed, among other things, the principle of the indivisibles of Bonaventura Cavalieri.

Product Number: N05876
Product Name: InfinitySymbol

This design comes with the following sizes:
Size: 3.10"(w) X 1.96"(h) (78.8mm X 49.8mm)
Size: 3.26"(w) X 2.06"(h) (82.8mm X 52.4mm)
Size: 3.34"(w) X 2.11"(h) (84.8mm X 53.6mm)
Size: 3.50"(w) X 2.21"(h) (88.8mm X 56.2mm)
Size: 3.61"(w) X 2.28"(h) (91.8mm X 58.0mm)
Size: 3.65"(w) X 2.31"(h) (92.8mm X 58.6mm)
Size: 3.69"(w) X 2.34"(h) (93.8mm X 59.4mm)
Size: 3.73"(w) X 2.36"(h) (94.8mm X 60.0mm)
Size: 3.77"(w) X 2.39"(h) (95.8mm X 60.6mm)
Size: 4.05"(w) X 2.56"(h) (102.8mm X 65.0mm)
Size: 4.09"(w) X 2.58"(h) (103.8mm X 65.6mm)
Size: 4.13"(w) X 2.61"(h) (104.8mm X 66.2mm)
Size: 4.20"(w) X 2.66"(h) (106.8mm X 67.6mm)
Size: 4.28"(w) X 2.71"(h) (108.8mm X 68.8mm)
Size: 4.36"(w) X 2.76"(h) (110.8mm X 70.0mm)
Size: 4.40"(w) X 2.79"(h) (111.8mm X 70.8mm)
Size: 4.44"(w) X 2.81"(h) (112.8mm X 71.4mm)
Size: 4.64"(w) X 2.94"(h) (117.8mm X 74.6mm)
Size: 4.68"(w) X 2.96"(h) (118.8mm X 75.2mm)
Size: 4.72"(w) X 2.98"(h) (119.8mm X 75.8mm)
Size: 4.76"(w) X 3.01"(h) (120.8mm X 76.4mm)
Size: 4.80"(w) X 3.03"(h) (121.8mm X 77.0mm)
Size: 4.83"(w) X 3.06"(h) (122.8mm X 77.6mm)
Size: 4.87"(w) X 3.09"(h) (123.8mm X 78.4mm)
Size: 4.95"(w) X 3.13"(h) (125.8mm X 79.6mm)
Size: 4.99"(w) X 3.16"(h) (126.8mm X 80.2mm)
Size: 5.11"(w) X 3.24"(h) (129.8mm X 82.2mm)
Size: 5.15"(w) X 3.26"(h) (130.8mm X 82.8mm)
Size: 5.23"(w) X 3.31"(h) (132.8mm X 84.0mm)
Size: 5.35"(w) X 3.39"(h) (135.8mm X 86.0mm)
Size: 5.39"(w) X 3.41"(h) (136.8mm X 86.6mm)
Size: 5.43"(w) X 3.43"(h) (137.8mm X 87.2mm)
Size: 5.46"(w) X 3.46"(h) (138.8mm X 87.8mm)
Size: 5.54"(w) X 3.50"(h) (140.8mm X 89.0mm)
Size: 5.58"(w) X 3.53"(h) (141.8mm X 89.6mm)
Size: 5.62"(w) X 3.56"(h) (142.8mm X 90.4mm)
Size: 5.70"(w) X 3.61"(h) (144.8mm X 91.6mm)
Size: 5.74"(w) X 3.63"(h) (145.8mm X 92.2mm)
Size: 5.86"(w) X 3.71"(h) (148.8mm X 94.2mm)
Size: 5.90"(w) X 3.73"(h) (149.8mm X 94.8mm)
Size: 5.94"(w) X 3.76"(h) (150.8mm X 95.4mm)
Size: 6.09"(w) X 3.86"(h) (154.8mm X 98.0mm)
Size: 6.13"(w) X 3.88"(h) (155.8mm X 98.6mm)
Size: 6.17"(w) X 3.91"(h) (156.8mm X 99.2mm)
Size: 6.53"(w) X 4.13"(h) (165.8mm X 104.8mm)
Size: 6.65"(w) X 4.20"(h) (168.8mm X 106.8mm)
Size: 6.69"(w) X 4.23"(h) (169.8mm X 107.4mm)
Size: 6.76"(w) X 4.28"(h) (171.8mm X 108.6mm)
Size: 6.88"(w) X 4.35"(h) (174.8mm X 110.6mm)
Size: 6.96"(w) X 4.40"(h) (176.8mm X 111.8mm)
Size: 7.12"(w) X 4.50"(h) (180.8mm X 114.4mm)
Size: 7.24"(w) X 4.57"(h) (183.8mm X 116.2mm)
Size: 7.28"(w) X 4.61"(h) (184.8mm X 117.0mm)
Size: 7.31"(w) X 4.63"(h) (185.8mm X 117.6mm)
Size: 7.51"(w) X 4.76"(h) (190.8mm X 120.8mm)
Size: 7.63"(w) X 4.83"(h) (193.8mm X 122.6mm)
Size: 7.75"(w) X 4.91"(h) (196.8mm X 124.6mm)
Size: 7.83"(w) X 4.95"(h) (198.8mm X 125.8mm)
Size: 7.87"(w) X 4.98"(h) (199.8mm X 126.4mm)
Size: 7.94"(w) X 5.02"(h) (201.8mm X 127.6mm)
Size: 8.06"(w) X 5.10"(h) (204.8mm X 129.6mm)
Size: 8.22"(w) X 5.20"(h) (208.8mm X 132.2mm)
Size: 8.34"(w) X 5.28"(h) (211.8mm X 134.0mm)
Size: 8.54"(w) X 5.40"(h) (216.8mm X 137.2mm)
Size: 8.61"(w) X 5.45"(h) (218.8mm X 138.4mm)
Size: 8.73"(w) X 5.53"(h) (221.8mm X 140.4mm)
Size: 8.93"(w) X 5.65"(h) (226.8mm X 143.6mm)
Size: 9.09"(w) X 5.75"(h) (230.8mm X 146.0mm)
Size: 9.80"(w) X 6.20"(h) (248.8mm X 157.4mm)
Size: 9.91"(w) X 6.28"(h) (251.8mm X 159.4mm)
Size: 10.23"(w) X 6.47"(h) (259.8mm X 164.4mm)
Size: 10.86"(w) X 6.87"(h) (275.8mm X 174.6mm)
Size: 11.02"(w) X 6.97"(h) (279.8mm X 177.0mm)
Size: 11.88"(w) X 7.52"(h) (301.8mm X 191.0mm)
Size: 11.92"(w) X 7.54"(h) (302.8mm X 191.6mm)
Size: 12.39"(w) X 7.84"(h) (314.8mm X 199.2mm)
Size: 13.57"(w) X 8.59"(h) (344.8mm X 218.2mm)
Size: 14.87"(w) X 9.41"(h) (377.8mm X 239.0mm)
Size: 15.50"(w) X 9.81"(h) (393.8mm X 249.2mm)

The following formats are included in the file you will receive: .DST .EXP .JEF .PES .VP3 .XXX .PEC .U01

You MUST have an embroidery machine and the software needed to transfer it from your computer to the machine to use this file. This listing is for the machine file only - not a finished item.

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