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Fox Phone Case For Apple Samsung Google Huawei LG Nokia OnePlus Sony Fairphone Xiaomi


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Universal Phone Cases
Product number: T00061.2
Product information "Fox Phone Case For Apple Samsung Google Huawei LG Nokia OnePlus Sony Fairphone Xiaomi"
A fox is a representative of the dog family (Canidae). In German usage, this usually means the red fox, more generally the genus group of the true foxes. The word fox has its origin in the Middle High German term vuhs for the male red fox (Canis vulpes). The related vocabulary fuhs (Old High German), vos (Dutch) and fox (English) are synonymous. The feminine form of the word changed from Old High German voha to Middle High German vohe, Gothic faúho, and Old Icelandic foa. The word Fähe, which in hunter and biologist language refers to female red foxes in particular and female canids in general, also has its origin in the Old High German feminine form.

A mobile phone, formerly also called a cellular phone, antenna phone or GSM phone (after the GSM mobile phone standard), also called a Natel in Switzerland, is a portable telephone that communicates with the telephone network via radio and can therefore be used regardless of location. In 2013, for the first time, more internet-capable mobile phones with touch-sensitive screens (smartphones) were sold worldwide than conventional mobile phones.

Smartphone (English, roughly " intelligent phone") is the name given to a mobile phone (colloquially mobile phone) with extensive computer functionalities and connectivity. Early smartphone precursors, around the end of the 1990s, combined the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) or organiser, with which one could manage contacts and one's calendar, for example, with the functionality of a pure mobile phone. Later, the functions of a portable media player, a digital and video camera and a GPS navigation device were added to the compact device. Central features are touch screens for operation and computer-like operating systems. Internet access is possible either via mobile broadband connection of the mobile phone provider or WLAN.

PRODUCT: Made To Order Handmade Item



The fox helps to discover ones own wildness and causes high intelligence

The original design of this phone case makes it an eye-catcher. The velour fabric has a beautiful soft surface and inside the bag is lined with cotton fabric. The solid padding as well as lining keeps the electronic device well protected. Simply a astute companion.

Velour Fabric, Cotton, PES


Suitable for manufacturer: Universal
Suitable for Model: Universal

FORMAT-I:suitable for mobile phones up to max. (WxHxD) 80 mm x 170 mm x 10 mm
suitable for mobile phones up to max. (WxHxD) 90 mm x 185 mm x 14 mm

PLEASE NOTE: The pictures shown functions as an example. The item is made to order a unique specimen handmade. Due to the unique handmade nature, slight deviations can occur and are expressions of and signs for the uniqueness of the item and underline the originality.

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