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Faroe Islands


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Product number: N08314
Product information "Faroe Islands"
The Faroe Islands, colloquially often called Faroe Islands (Faroese Føroyar, Danish Færøerne "the sheep islands"), are a group of 18 islands belonging to Denmark with autonomous administration. They are located in the North Atlantic between Scotland, Norway and Iceland. They were discovered and settled in the Middle Ages. Today, all but the smallest island, Lítla Dímun, are permanently inhabited.

The majority of the 50,000 or so islanders - the Faroese, also known as the Faroese - do not consider themselves to be Danish, but rather an independent people descended from the Vikings of the Faroe Islands.  Under the 2005 Treaty of Fámjin, the Faroese, like the Greenlanders, form an "equal nation" within the Kingdom of Denmark. Their islands have enjoyed extensive autonomy since 1948 and have one of the oldest parliaments in the world, the Løgting. It regularly sends two deputies to the Danish Folketing and is represented by two delegates in the Nordic Council.

Product Number: N08314
Product Name: fo

This design comes with the following sizes:
Size: 2.71"(w) X 1.97"(h) (68.8mm X 50.0mm)
Size: 2.75"(w) X 2.00"(h) (69.8mm X 50.8mm)
Size: 2.79"(w) X 2.02"(h) (70.8mm X 51.4mm)
Size: 2.87"(w) X 2.08"(h) (72.8mm X 52.8mm)
Size: 2.91"(w) X 2.11"(h) (73.8mm X 53.6mm)
Size: 2.94"(w) X 2.14"(h) (74.8mm X 54.4mm)
Size: 2.98"(w) X 2.17"(h) (75.8mm X 55.0mm)
Size: 3.02"(w) X 2.20"(h) (76.8mm X 55.8mm)
Size: 3.06"(w) X 2.23"(h) (77.8mm X 56.6mm)
Size: 3.10"(w) X 2.25"(h) (78.8mm X 57.2mm)
Size: 3.18"(w) X 2.31"(h) (80.8mm X 58.8mm)
Size: 3.22"(w) X 2.34"(h) (81.8mm X 59.4mm)
Size: 3.26"(w) X 2.37"(h) (82.8mm X 60.2mm)
Size: 3.34"(w) X 2.43"(h) (84.8mm X 61.6mm)
Size: 3.38"(w) X 2.46"(h) (85.8mm X 62.4mm)
Size: 3.46"(w) X 2.51"(h) (87.8mm X 63.8mm)
Size: 3.50"(w) X 2.54"(h) (88.8mm X 64.6mm)
Size: 3.57"(w) X 2.60"(h) (90.8mm X 66.0mm)
Size: 3.61"(w) X 2.63"(h) (91.8mm X 66.8mm)
Size: 3.65"(w) X 2.65"(h) (92.8mm X 67.4mm)
Size: 3.69"(w) X 2.69"(h) (93.8mm X 68.2mm)
Size: 3.73"(w) X 2.71"(h) (94.8mm X 68.8mm)
Size: 3.77"(w) X 2.74"(h) (95.8mm X 69.6mm)
Size: 3.93"(w) X 2.86"(h) (99.8mm X 72.6mm)
Size: 3.97"(w) X 2.88"(h) (100.8mm X 73.2mm)
Size: 4.01"(w) X 2.91"(h) (101.8mm X 74.0mm)
Size: 4.13"(w) X 3.00"(h) (104.8mm X 76.2mm)
Size: 4.17"(w) X 3.02"(h) (105.8mm X 76.8mm)
Size: 4.20"(w) X 3.06"(h) (106.8mm X 77.6mm)
Size: 4.28"(w) X 3.11"(h) (108.8mm X 79.0mm)
Size: 4.36"(w) X 3.17"(h) (110.8mm X 80.6mm)
Size: 4.52"(w) X 3.28"(h) (114.8mm X 83.4mm)
Size: 4.76"(w) X 3.46"(h) (120.8mm X 87.8mm)
Size: 4.80"(w) X 3.49"(h) (121.8mm X 88.6mm)
Size: 4.83"(w) X 3.51"(h) (122.8mm X 89.2mm)
Size: 4.95"(w) X 3.60"(h) (125.8mm X 91.4mm)
Size: 5.03"(w) X 3.65"(h) (127.8mm X 92.8mm)
Size: 5.11"(w) X 3.72"(h) (129.8mm X 94.4mm)
Size: 5.15"(w) X 3.74"(h) (130.8mm X 95.0mm)
Size: 5.27"(w) X 3.83"(h) (133.8mm X 97.2mm)
Size: 5.31"(w) X 3.86"(h) (134.8mm X 98.0mm)
Size: 5.35"(w) X 3.89"(h) (135.8mm X 98.8mm)
Size: 5.50"(w) X 4.00"(h) (139.8mm X 101.6mm)
Size: 5.54"(w) X 4.03"(h) (140.8mm X 102.4mm)
Size: 5.62"(w) X 4.09"(h) (142.8mm X 103.8mm)
Size: 5.90"(w) X 4.28"(h) (149.8mm X 108.8mm)
Size: 5.94"(w) X 4.31"(h) (150.8mm X 109.6mm)
Size: 5.98"(w) X 4.35"(h) (151.8mm X 110.4mm)
Size: 6.06"(w) X 4.40"(h) (153.8mm X 111.8mm)
Size: 6.09"(w) X 4.43"(h) (154.8mm X 112.6mm)
Size: 6.13"(w) X 4.46"(h) (155.8mm X 113.2mm)
Size: 6.25"(w) X 4.54"(h) (158.8mm X 115.4mm)
Size: 6.33"(w) X 4.60"(h) (160.8mm X 116.8mm)
Size: 6.65"(w) X 4.83"(h) (168.8mm X 122.8mm)
Size: 6.69"(w) X 4.86"(h) (169.8mm X 123.4mm)
Size: 6.80"(w) X 4.94"(h) (172.8mm X 125.6mm)
Size: 6.96"(w) X 5.06"(h) (176.8mm X 128.6mm)
Size: 7.00"(w) X 5.09"(h) (177.8mm X 129.2mm)
Size: 7.12"(w) X 5.17"(h) (180.8mm X 131.4mm)
Size: 7.24"(w) X 5.26"(h) (183.8mm X 133.6mm)
Size: 7.35"(w) X 5.35"(h) (186.8mm X 135.8mm)
Size: 7.47"(w) X 5.43"(h) (189.8mm X 138.0mm)
Size: 7.67"(w) X 5.57"(h) (194.8mm X 141.6mm)
Size: 7.75"(w) X 5.63"(h) (196.8mm X 143.0mm)
Size: 7.98"(w) X 5.80"(h) (202.8mm X 147.4mm)
Size: 8.06"(w) X 5.86"(h) (204.8mm X 148.8mm)
Size: 8.26"(w) X 6.01"(h) (209.8mm X 152.6mm)
Size: 8.34"(w) X 6.06"(h) (211.8mm X 154.0mm)
Size: 8.54"(w) X 6.20"(h) (216.8mm X 157.6mm)
Size: 8.85"(w) X 6.43"(h) (224.8mm X 163.4mm)
Size: 8.89"(w) X 6.46"(h) (225.8mm X 164.2mm)
Size: 9.13"(w) X 6.64"(h) (231.8mm X 168.6mm)
Size: 9.44"(w) X 6.87"(h) (239.8mm X 174.4mm)
Size: 9.76"(w) X 7.09"(h) (247.8mm X 180.2mm)
Size: 9.95"(w) X 7.24"(h) (252.8mm X 183.8mm)
Size: 9.99"(w) X 7.27"(h) (253.8mm X 184.6mm)
Size: 10.50"(w) X 7.64"(h) (266.8mm X 194.0mm)
Size: 10.62"(w) X 7.72"(h) (269.8mm X 196.2mm)
Size: 10.74"(w) X 7.81"(h) (272.8mm X 198.4mm)
Size: 10.82"(w) X 7.87"(h) (274.8mm X 199.8mm)
Size: 11.29"(w) X 8.21"(h) (286.8mm X 208.6mm)
Size: 12.51"(w) X 9.09"(h) (317.8mm X 231.0mm)
Size: 13.30"(w) X 9.67"(h) (337.8mm X 245.6mm)
Size: 13.65"(w) X 9.93"(h) (346.8mm X 252.2mm)
Size: 14.17"(w) X 10.30"(h) (359.8mm X 261.6mm)

The following formats are included in the file you will receive: .DST .EXP .JEF .PES .VP3 .XXX .PEC .U01

You MUST have an embroidery machine and the software needed to transfer it from your computer to the machine to use this file. This listing is for the machine file only - not a finished item.

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