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Dark Leather Crossbody


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Product number: T00016
Product information "Dark Leather Crossbody"
Darkness, the direct opposite of brightness, is defined as a lack of illumination, absence of visible light, or a surface that absorbs light, such as black or brown. Black is the darkest of all colors. The color and brightness perception of blackness occurs in the absence of a visual stimulus, that is, when the retina perceives no light waves or only low-intensity light waves in the visible spectrum.

Classics are classical works, authors, topoi (pre-formed linguistic image, metaphor) or products. In the general linguistic sense, "classic" refers to something that combines typical characteristics in a pure form that is accepted as universally valid and is thus considered to be perfect in form and harmonious.

Crossbody bags these are bags with a long strap or belt so that the strap can be worn over one shoulder. There are two carrying variants: In the first variant, the strap runs from one shoulder diagonally across the chest and back, so that the actual bag is worn on the other side of the body or in the area of the diagonal in the chest or back. In the other variation of carrying a shoulder bag, the strap runs vertically parallel to one side of the body, so that the actual bag then usually dangles relatively loosely at about hip level (or higher or lower, depending on the strap length). Sports bags and travel bags are often offered as shoulder bags, but so are handbags and cotton shopping bags. Fanny packs are sometimes worn as shoulder bags instead of fanny packs.

PRODUCT: Made To Order Handmade Item


This small leather crossbody bag has a minimalistic shape. She consists of a dark leather with a subtle light reflection effect and is padded and lined inside. The Bag is closed with a magnetic button. She is smart, elegant and as always of Kekoyu: genuine and unique.

Leather, Velour Fabric, Cotton, PES

Total length: about max. 70 cm / Bag without handle: about 21 cm x 16 cm

The pictures shown functions as an example. The item is made to order a unique specimen handmade. Due to the unique handmade nature, slight deviations can occur and are expressions of and signs for the uniqueness of the item and underline the originality.

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