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Cube Square Applique

Product number: E00425
Product information "Cube Square Applique"
In geometry, a square is a special polygon, namely a plane, convex and regular quadrilateral. It has four sides of equal length and four right angles. The square is a special case of the rectangle, the rhombus, the parallelogram, the trapezoid and the kite quadrilateral. To construct a square, it is sufficient to specify, for example, the length of the side or the diagonal. Squares are the side faces of a platonic solid, namely the cube. The square is also the basic form of a platonic parquetry. As a special case of corresponding general n-dimensional solids, the square is both the two-dimensional hypercube and the two-dimensional cross polytope.

Geometry (ancient Greek γεωμετρία geometria, Ionic γεωμετρίη geometriē, 'earth measures', 'earth measurement', 'land measurement') is a branch of mathematics. On the one hand, geometry is understood as two- and three-dimensional Euclidean geometry, elementary geometry, which is also taught in mathematics classes - formerly under the term Raumlehre - and which deals with points, straight lines, planes, distances, angles, etc., as well as those conceptualizations and methods that have been developed in the course of a systematic and mathematical treatment of this subject. On the other hand, the term geometry encompasses a number of major subfields of mathematics whose relation to elementary geometry is no longer easily recognizable to laymen. This is especially true of the modern concept of geometry, which generally refers to the study of invariant quantities.

Product Number: E00425
Product Name: squareapplique

This design comes with the following sizes:
Size: 0.41"(w) X 0.53"(h) (10.3 X 13.4mm)
Size: 0.80"(w) X 0.80"(h) (20.3 X 20.4mm)
Size: 1.19"(w) X 1.20"(h) (30.3 X 30.4mm)
Size: 1.61"(w) X 1.59"(h) (41.0 X 40.4mm)
Size: 1.98"(w) X 1.98"(h) (50.3 X 50.4mm)
Size: 2.37"(w) X 2.38"(h) (60.3 X 60.4mm)
Size: 2.77"(w) X 2.84"(h) (70.3 X 72.1mm)
Size: 3.16"(w) X 3.17"(h) (80.3 X 80.4mm)
Size: 3.56"(w) X 3.56"(h) (90.3 X 90.4mm)
Size: 3.95"(w) X 3.95"(h) (100.3 X 100.4mm)
Size: 4.34"(w) X 4.35"(h) (110.3 X 110.4mm)
Size: 4.74"(w) X 4.74"(h) (120.3 X 120.4mm)
Size: 5.13"(w) X 5.13"(h) (130.3 X 130.4mm)
Size: 5.52"(w) X 6.34"(h) (140.3 X 161.1mm)
Size: 5.92"(w) X 6.35"(h) (150.3 X 161.2mm)
Size: 6.31"(w) X 6.35"(h) (160.3 X 161.3mm)
Size: 6.70"(w) X 6.71"(h) (170.3 X 170.4mm)
Size: 7.10"(w) X 7.10"(h) (180.3 X 180.4mm)
Size: 7.49"(w) X 7.50"(h) (190.3 X 190.4mm)
Size: 7.89"(w) X 7.89"(h) (200.3 X 200.4mm)
Size: 8.28"(w) X 8.28"(h) (210.3 X 210.4mm)
Size: 8.67"(w) X 8.68"(h) (220.3 X 220.4mm)

The following formats are included in the file you will receive: .DST .EXP .JEF .PES .VP3 .XXX .VIP .HUS

You MUST have an embroidery machine and the software needed to transfer it from your computer to the machine to use this file. This listing is for the machine file only - not a finished item.

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