Cactus Free Hugs

Cactus Free Hugs

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Product number: N09138
Product information "Cactus Free Hugs "
The cactaceae, or cacti for short, are a family in the order Caryophyllales within the angiosperms (Magnoliopsida). Cacti are perennial shrubs, rarely trees or geophytes. Almost all species are stem succulents whose shoot axes are strongly swollen. The roots are usually fibrous or sometimes form succulent tubers or turnips in plants with only low stem succulence. The main shoots, often characteristic of certain genera, are solitary or branch from the bases or higher up. Cacti can vary widely in size. Carnegiea gigantea grows up to 15 meters high.

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Product Number: N09138
Product Name: free-hugs

This design comes with the following sizes:
Size: 5.06"(w) X 5.66"(h) (128.6mm X 143.8mm)
Size: 5.10"(w) X 5.70"(h) (129.6mm X 144.8mm)
Size: 5.13"(w) X 5.74"(h) (130.4mm X 145.8mm)
Size: 5.17"(w) X 5.78"(h) (131.4mm X 146.8mm)
Size: 5.20"(w) X 5.82"(h) (132.2mm X 147.8mm)
Size: 5.24"(w) X 5.86"(h) (133.2mm X 148.8mm)
Size: 5.28"(w) X 5.90"(h) (134.0mm X 149.8mm)
Size: 5.46"(w) X 6.09"(h) (138.6mm X 154.8mm)
Size: 5.53"(w) X 6.17"(h) (140.4mm X 156.8mm)
Size: 5.56"(w) X 6.21"(h) (141.2mm X 157.8mm)
Size: 5.70"(w) X 6.37"(h) (144.8mm X 161.8mm)
Size: 5.77"(w) X 6.45"(h) (146.6mm X 163.8mm)
Size: 5.80"(w) X 6.49"(h) (147.4mm X 164.8mm)
Size: 5.87"(w) X 6.57"(h) (149.2mm X 166.8mm)
Size: 5.91"(w) X 6.61"(h) (150.2mm X 167.8mm)
Size: 6.02"(w) X 6.72"(h) (152.8mm X 170.8mm)
Size: 6.09"(w) X 6.80"(h) (154.6mm X 172.8mm)
Size: 6.13"(w) X 6.84"(h) (155.6mm X 173.8mm)
Size: 6.20"(w) X 6.92"(h) (157.4mm X 175.8mm)
Size: 6.23"(w) X 6.96"(h) (158.2mm X 176.8mm)
Size: 6.34"(w) X 7.08"(h) (161.0mm X 179.8mm)
Size: 6.44"(w) X 7.20"(h) (163.6mm X 182.8mm)
Size: 6.47"(w) X 7.24"(h) (164.4mm X 183.8mm)
Size: 6.61"(w) X 7.39"(h) (168.0mm X 187.8mm)
Size: 6.76"(w) X 7.55"(h) (171.6mm X 191.8mm)
Size: 6.80"(w) X 7.59"(h) (172.6mm X 192.8mm)
Size: 6.97"(w) X 7.79"(h) (177.0mm X 197.8mm)
Size: 7.04"(w) X 7.87"(h) (178.8mm X 199.8mm)
Size: 7.15"(w) X 7.98"(h) (181.6mm X 202.8mm)
Size: 7.25"(w) X 8.10"(h) (184.2mm X 205.8mm)
Size: 7.28"(w) X 8.14"(h) (185.0mm X 206.8mm)
Size: 7.35"(w) X 8.22"(h) (186.8mm X 208.8mm)
Size: 7.39"(w) X 8.26"(h) (187.8mm X 209.8mm)
Size: 7.43"(w) X 8.30"(h) (188.6mm X 210.8mm)
Size: 7.50"(w) X 8.38"(h) (190.4mm X 212.8mm)
Size: 7.57"(w) X 8.46"(h) (192.2mm X 214.8mm)
Size: 7.71"(w) X 8.61"(h) (195.8mm X 218.8mm)
Size: 7.85"(w) X 8.77"(h) (199.4mm X 222.8mm)
Size: 7.92"(w) X 8.84"(h) (201.2mm X 224.6mm)
Size: 8.02"(w) X 8.97"(h) (203.8mm X 227.8mm)
Size: 8.09"(w) X 9.05"(h) (205.6mm X 229.8mm)
Size: 8.80"(w) X 9.83"(h) (223.6mm X 249.6mm)
Size: 9.26"(w) X 10.35"(h) (235.2mm X 262.8mm)
Size: 9.43"(w) X 10.54"(h) (239.6mm X 267.6mm)
Size: 10.28"(w) X 11.48"(h) (261.2mm X 291.6mm)
Size: 10.81"(w) X 12.07"(h) (274.6mm X 306.6mm)
Size: 11.41"(w) X 12.75"(h) (289.8mm X 323.8mm)
Size: 12.32"(w) X 13.76"(h) (313.0mm X 349.6mm)
Size: 12.68"(w) X 14.16"(h) (322.0mm X 359.6mm)

The following formats are included in the file you will receive: .DST .EXP .JEF .PES .VP3 .XXX .PEC .U01

You MUST have an embroidery machine and the software needed to transfer it from your computer to the machine to use this file. This listing is for the machine file only - not a finished item.

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