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Bouvet Island-Bouvetøya


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Product number: N08443
Product information "Bouvet Island-Bouvetøya"
Bouvet Island (Norwegian: Bouvetøya) is an uninhabited volcanic island on the South Atlantic Ridge in the South Atlantic Ocean, 2500 kilometers southwest of South Africa's Cape of Good Hope. It forms, together with several tributary islands and rocks, including Larsøya, Store-Kari and Litle-Kari, a dependent territory (Norwegian Biland) of Norway, but without being part of the Kingdom of Norway. Bouvet Island is one of the most difficult to reach and lonely islands on earth.

The nearest continent is Antarctica (Cape Sedow, Queen Maud Land), which lies to the south and is a good 1700 km away; the South American continent (easternmost tip of Tierra del Fuego) is 4200 km away; the nearest neighboring islands are Montagu Island in the South Sandwich Islands group and Gough Island in the Tristan da Cunha group, both about 1850 km away. Bouvet Island is thus considered the most remote piece of land anywhere.

Product Number: N08443
Product Name: bv

This design comes with the following sizes:
Size: 2.71"(w) X 1.97"(h) (68.8mm X 50.0mm)
Size: 2.75"(w) X 2.00"(h) (69.8mm X 50.8mm)
Size: 2.79"(w) X 2.02"(h) (70.8mm X 51.4mm)
Size: 2.87"(w) X 2.08"(h) (72.8mm X 52.8mm)
Size: 2.91"(w) X 2.11"(h) (73.8mm X 53.6mm)
Size: 2.94"(w) X 2.14"(h) (74.8mm X 54.4mm)
Size: 2.98"(w) X 2.17"(h) (75.8mm X 55.0mm)
Size: 3.02"(w) X 2.20"(h) (76.8mm X 55.8mm)
Size: 3.06"(w) X 2.23"(h) (77.8mm X 56.6mm)
Size: 3.10"(w) X 2.25"(h) (78.8mm X 57.2mm)
Size: 3.18"(w) X 2.31"(h) (80.8mm X 58.8mm)
Size: 3.22"(w) X 2.34"(h) (81.8mm X 59.4mm)
Size: 3.26"(w) X 2.37"(h) (82.8mm X 60.2mm)
Size: 3.34"(w) X 2.43"(h) (84.8mm X 61.6mm)
Size: 3.38"(w) X 2.46"(h) (85.8mm X 62.4mm)
Size: 3.46"(w) X 2.51"(h) (87.8mm X 63.8mm)
Size: 3.50"(w) X 2.54"(h) (88.8mm X 64.6mm)
Size: 3.57"(w) X 2.60"(h) (90.8mm X 66.0mm)
Size: 3.61"(w) X 2.63"(h) (91.8mm X 66.8mm)
Size: 3.65"(w) X 2.65"(h) (92.8mm X 67.4mm)
Size: 3.69"(w) X 2.69"(h) (93.8mm X 68.2mm)
Size: 3.73"(w) X 2.71"(h) (94.8mm X 68.8mm)
Size: 3.77"(w) X 2.74"(h) (95.8mm X 69.6mm)
Size: 3.93"(w) X 2.86"(h) (99.8mm X 72.6mm)
Size: 3.97"(w) X 2.88"(h) (100.8mm X 73.2mm)
Size: 4.01"(w) X 2.91"(h) (101.8mm X 74.0mm)
Size: 4.13"(w) X 3.00"(h) (104.8mm X 76.2mm)
Size: 4.17"(w) X 3.02"(h) (105.8mm X 76.8mm)
Size: 4.20"(w) X 3.06"(h) (106.8mm X 77.6mm)
Size: 4.28"(w) X 3.11"(h) (108.8mm X 79.0mm)
Size: 4.36"(w) X 3.17"(h) (110.8mm X 80.6mm)
Size: 4.52"(w) X 3.28"(h) (114.8mm X 83.4mm)
Size: 4.76"(w) X 3.46"(h) (120.8mm X 87.8mm)
Size: 4.80"(w) X 3.49"(h) (121.8mm X 88.6mm)
Size: 4.83"(w) X 3.51"(h) (122.8mm X 89.2mm)
Size: 4.95"(w) X 3.60"(h) (125.8mm X 91.4mm)
Size: 5.03"(w) X 3.65"(h) (127.8mm X 92.8mm)
Size: 5.11"(w) X 3.72"(h) (129.8mm X 94.4mm)
Size: 5.15"(w) X 3.74"(h) (130.8mm X 95.0mm)
Size: 5.27"(w) X 3.83"(h) (133.8mm X 97.2mm)
Size: 5.31"(w) X 3.86"(h) (134.8mm X 98.0mm)
Size: 5.35"(w) X 3.89"(h) (135.8mm X 98.8mm)
Size: 5.50"(w) X 4.00"(h) (139.8mm X 101.6mm)
Size: 5.54"(w) X 4.03"(h) (140.8mm X 102.4mm)
Size: 5.62"(w) X 4.09"(h) (142.8mm X 103.8mm)
Size: 5.90"(w) X 4.28"(h) (149.8mm X 108.8mm)
Size: 5.94"(w) X 4.31"(h) (150.8mm X 109.6mm)
Size: 5.98"(w) X 4.35"(h) (151.8mm X 110.4mm)
Size: 6.06"(w) X 4.40"(h) (153.8mm X 111.8mm)
Size: 6.09"(w) X 4.43"(h) (154.8mm X 112.6mm)
Size: 6.13"(w) X 4.46"(h) (155.8mm X 113.2mm)
Size: 6.25"(w) X 4.54"(h) (158.8mm X 115.4mm)
Size: 6.33"(w) X 4.60"(h) (160.8mm X 116.8mm)
Size: 6.65"(w) X 4.83"(h) (168.8mm X 122.8mm)
Size: 6.69"(w) X 4.86"(h) (169.8mm X 123.4mm)
Size: 6.80"(w) X 4.94"(h) (172.8mm X 125.6mm)
Size: 6.96"(w) X 5.06"(h) (176.8mm X 128.6mm)
Size: 7.00"(w) X 5.09"(h) (177.8mm X 129.2mm)
Size: 7.12"(w) X 5.17"(h) (180.8mm X 131.4mm)
Size: 7.24"(w) X 5.26"(h) (183.8mm X 133.6mm)
Size: 7.35"(w) X 5.35"(h) (186.8mm X 135.8mm)
Size: 7.47"(w) X 5.43"(h) (189.8mm X 138.0mm)
Size: 7.67"(w) X 5.57"(h) (194.8mm X 141.6mm)
Size: 7.75"(w) X 5.63"(h) (196.8mm X 143.0mm)
Size: 7.98"(w) X 5.80"(h) (202.8mm X 147.4mm)
Size: 8.06"(w) X 5.86"(h) (204.8mm X 148.8mm)
Size: 8.26"(w) X 6.01"(h) (209.8mm X 152.6mm)
Size: 8.34"(w) X 6.06"(h) (211.8mm X 154.0mm)
Size: 8.54"(w) X 6.20"(h) (216.8mm X 157.6mm)
Size: 8.85"(w) X 6.43"(h) (224.8mm X 163.4mm)
Size: 8.89"(w) X 6.46"(h) (225.8mm X 164.2mm)
Size: 9.13"(w) X 6.64"(h) (231.8mm X 168.6mm)
Size: 9.44"(w) X 6.87"(h) (239.8mm X 174.4mm)
Size: 9.76"(w) X 7.09"(h) (247.8mm X 180.2mm)
Size: 9.95"(w) X 7.24"(h) (252.8mm X 183.8mm)
Size: 9.99"(w) X 7.27"(h) (253.8mm X 184.6mm)
Size: 10.50"(w) X 7.64"(h) (266.8mm X 194.0mm)
Size: 10.62"(w) X 7.72"(h) (269.8mm X 196.2mm)
Size: 10.74"(w) X 7.81"(h) (272.8mm X 198.4mm)
Size: 10.82"(w) X 7.87"(h) (274.8mm X 199.8mm)
Size: 11.29"(w) X 8.21"(h) (286.8mm X 208.6mm)
Size: 12.51"(w) X 9.09"(h) (317.8mm X 231.0mm)
Size: 13.30"(w) X 9.67"(h) (337.8mm X 245.6mm)
Size: 13.65"(w) X 9.93"(h) (346.8mm X 252.2mm)
Size: 14.17"(w) X 10.30"(h) (359.8mm X 261.6mm)

The following formats are included in the file you will receive: .DST .EXP .JEF .PES .VP3 .XXX .PEC .U01

You MUST have an embroidery machine and the software needed to transfer it from your computer to the machine to use this file. This listing is for the machine file only - not a finished item.

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